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Personal data protection policy

Lucine's mission is to support active people in their professional development.

Job offers, internships, training, participation in competitions (*) or professional meetings.

Lucine is concerned about the protection and confidentiality of personal data and is committed to ensuring the best level of protection for your personal data by

compliance with the regulations in force on the protection of personal data, applicable in Europe (RGPD) and in France.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you about the practical measures and commitments made by Lucine to ensure that your personal data is respected and protected when using our services.

It applies to all services (web applications, mobile applications, connection services, targeting solutions for recommending job or training offers, application management support solutions, etc. .. ) published and provided by Lucine from the various Sites.

It applies to all visitors to our Sites and users of our Services (“Users”).

The terms "we" and "our" refer to Lucine and the Services we provide.

The terms "You" and "your" refer to all Users of our Services or visitors to our Sites or Applications. The term “Client” defines our professional clients (these are recruiting organisations, training centres, skills assessment centres, or more generally entities involved in the field of careers and professional development). For any other clarification on the definitions of terms in capital letters, you can refer to our current T&Cs.

(*) Example:  the BattleDevRegionsjobTM is a competition to designate the best IT developers.

(**) Websites accessible via the following domain names:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and all their sub-domains.
1 – Identity of the data controller

Lucine collects and processes the personal data of its Users via its Sites, its Applications or its Solutions in order to provide you and our Customers with our Services.

In most cases, Lucine acts as data controller  or co-responsible for processing within the meaning of the General Regulations on personal data.

Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) is Frederic Roman.
He can be contacted by email at dpo[at]  or by post to the address Lucine SASU 26 rue Jourdan, 13140 Miramas.

2 – Purpose of processing and legal basis

The processing implemented by Lucine meets explicit, legitimate and determined purposes.

Help finding opportunities for your career

We also process, with your authorization, your data in order to facilitate your research and manage your requests or opportunities to connect with our Clients as well as to inform and advise you on your career.

For example, we offer you tools, such as the "Job alert" or the "Training alert" to facilitate your requests for contacts or your search for opportunities.

Of course, at any time, you can unsubscribe from alerts by clicking on the link in the message received or uncheck the corresponding box in your personal space.

Recommendations of opportunities for your career

The processing we do of your data allows us to know you better, to recommend Services targeted to your needs or corresponding to previous requests to be put in touch with our Customers and thus to improve the efficiency of our Applications and Services to better satisfy you.

For example, we may suggest opportunities or offers that may be of interest to you based on the applications or Services you use, the links you click on, or based on your search criteria or those of other Users with similar profiles. to yours .

On the same principle, we can also offer you Newsletters in order to be regularly informed about employment or more generally about career management, professional life and professional development.

You can unsubscribe from these Services at any time by clicking on the link in the message received or unchecking the corresponding box in your personal space.

As part of the Holeest solution, a third-party cookie is placed on the User's computer. It makes it possible to collect data (ads viewed, content viewed, user agent, geographical location of connection) in order to display on the Lucine sites or the partner sites of  Lucine  from  job or training offers tailored to users.

Offer a high-performance range of services

We also use the data concerning you to change or develop new Services likely to meet your needs even better. These services are part of the purpose of our personal data processing, namely training and management in the context of career monitoring, support and professional development.

Better understand your expectations in terms of career monitoring and professional development

Your answers to our surveys, when you choose to answer them, allow us to collect quantitative or qualitative information in our field of activity with the aim of producing anonymized statistical elements on the job market, training, career monitoring and professional life (developments, paths), employability. We may also take your responses into account in order to improve the operation of our Applications and Sites.

Creation of new services

If we carry out further processing of your data for purposes other than those described in our privacy policy, we will inform you. These new purposes will be compatible with the purposes described here and failing that, we will seek your consent.

No personal data concerning you is used for purposes other than for which they were collected. No personal data concerning you is transmitted to our Customers without your consent. 

3 – Data collected

Lucine ensures that it only processes personal data that is strictly necessary for the purposes detailed above (principle of proportionality of collection). Only information relating to your expertise, skills or professional prospects or any specifics of your working conditions will be requested.

The data you provide to us

The data that we process is first of all the data that you provide to us via our subscription forms.
These are your identification data, your contact data as well as data concerning your professional background (experience, qualification, skills, professional situation, remuneration), your professional prospects (your wishes for remuneration, type of positions or contracts, training, your geographic preferences, etc.).

The mandatory nature of the data collected is indicated to you during collection by a message. Providing certain data is mandatory only when it is necessary for us to process your request or required by our Customers to respond appropriately to your request.
If the mandatory data is not filled in, we will not be able to provide you with the Service you want.

Know that our services are all the more effective if you provide information and regularly update your career and professional development information.

We take care not to collect or transmit to our Clients data that would not be necessary for them to process your requests or refine their selection of relevant profiles.

In some cases, you will be redirected directly to the site of our Clients where you will apply directly. You will then have to consult and accept (when required), the Customer's provisions relating to personal data prior to the validation of your connection. In this case, Lucine is not responsible for the processing of personal data which will be carried out subsequently by the Customer in his capacity as data controller.

We never ask for so-called sensitive information (racial or ethnic information, political opinions, religious or philosophical opinions, union membership, health, sexual orientation).

We do not recommend that you provide such data when using our Services. However, if you choose to include so-called sensitive information in your CV or your free texts, it will be transmitted, as it is, under your sole responsibility and at your sole initiative, to our Clients with whom you have wished to be put in contact.

Data on the use of our services

We also establish your profile based on your use and navigation on our Sites, our Applications or our Solutions.

These are the IP address or the connection devices used, your browsing data, Cookies data (see Cookies section below), connection history, the sector of activity that interests you , the consultation of the messages that we send to you and the links clicked, the training courses consulted, the number of our pages viewed, the number of visits to our Sites, as well as the activity of visitors on them and their frequency of return (see Third Party Data section below).

Third-party data

We receive personal data about you when you use the services of our customers and partners, such as potential employers or applicant tracking systems, which provide us with data about the advertisements for which you apply.

Our goal is to better understand how our Sites and our applications are used and to measure our audience and the effectiveness of our Services to best adapt them to your needs.

We do not collect third-party data that you might write or distribute on third-party partner sites. We also do not collect comments that third parties may make about you on partner platforms.

4 – Recipients of the data collected

Your personal data is only used by identified and authorized persons for the purposes described in this personal data protection policy.

Lucine undertakes never to transmit your personal data to third parties for reasons unrelated to these purposes.

Thus, your data is only transmitted to the categories of people listed below:

  • Our Clients if and only if you have asked us or authorized us (application for a job offer, provision of your CV in our CV database, request for information on training, etc.) and this, in the strict framework of the purpose pursued.

  • We systematically inform you of this transfer by the means of communication you have chosen;

  • Lucine's authorized services (technical production team, customer relationship monitoring team)

  • Our technical service providers: hosting, unformatted data extraction service, email sending service, audit and IT security service provider

We draw your attention to the use of social network buttons such as “Connect via…”. The use of these buttons simplifies in some cases the entry of your data to fill in a form. This is a proposed facility.

The use of these buttons is likely to lead to the collection of personal data by the social networks concerned even before Lucine has collected your personal data.

We invite you to be vigilant and consult the personal data protection policies of these social networks in order to take precise knowledge of the information that is collected by its sites and applications as well as the purposes of use of your data, in particular for advertising purposes. .

You can sometimes configure the access and confidentiality of your data directly on the social networks used.

The use of these “social network” buttons is done at your initiative and under your entire responsibility. Lucine is not responsible for the processing of your data that will be done by these third-party social networks.

5 – Communication

Depending on the Services used or your preferences, we will contact you by email, by publications on our Sites or Applications, by SMS, instant messaging, push notifications or by any other means of communication that you have sent to us.

6 – Security of the Data collected

All data collected is processed in such a way as to guarantee appropriate security, which translates into a logical and material security policy and security measures specially adapted to our activities. Various audits are carried out within our infrastructures.

The Lucine technical teams are aware of the GDPR and the consideration of the protection of personal data is omnipresent when designing and operating applications.

Thus, the following principles govern the development of sites and applications, both at the technical infrastructure level (secure redundant hosting, security policy and access control), and from the application point of view (development of sites and applications):

  • Secure data collection

  • Storage guaranteeing data integrity and confidentiality

  • Securing Development Environments

  • Securing data access

  • Regular training of our technical teams

  • Voluntary limitation of subcontracting (infrastructures, services and development) and intervention on anonymized test datasets

We process personal data within secure infrastructures located in the European Union. Our applications are subject to regular audits to guarantee a high level of security.

7 – Data retention

Your data is kept for a maximum of 3 years from the last date of interaction with our services.
The data is then anonymized and can be used for statistical purposes.

8 – Your rights

In application of the regulations, you have a right of access, rectification, deletion, opposition and a right to portability relating to all the data concerning you.

You also have the right to limit the processing using your personal data. Everyone also has the right not to be the subject of individual decision-making based exclusively on automated processing such as profiling. If you have consented to the processing of personal data, you can withdraw your consent at any time.

For example, you are free to update or withdraw at any time the data that you have deposited in the CV database.

These rights can be exercised with the Data Protection Officer by post or electronic mail accompanied by a copy of your identity document at the following addresses

- by email:
- by mail: Protection Delegate  Data Mr. Frederic R. 26 rue Jourdan,  13140 Miramas

You also have the right to define directives relating to the fate of your personal data in the event of death.
You have the right to appeal to the National Commission for Computing and Liberties (CNIL).

9 – Contact

For all requests for information concerning the personal data protection policy implemented by Lucine , you can contact the Data Protection Officer 26 rue Jourdan,  13140 Miramas

10 – Cookie management policy

For the sake of clarity, we specify how our Lucine Sites and applications use cookies.

We do not use any third-party cookies that are unrelated to the purposes pursued by our Sites and Applications. Our job is to support you in your professional development and we do not use your visits to ensure the promotion of third parties outside these purposes. 

During your consultations, cookies are placed on your computer, tablet or smartphone. The information below allows you to better understand how cookies work and how to use current tools to configure them.

What is a cookie ?

The use of cookies is common on the Internet. A cookie is a small text file containing information, which is saved on your equipment (eg computer, tablet or mobile phone) and which allows you to benefit from a better user experience. We use two types of cookies: persistent cookies and session cookies. A persistent cookie allows us to identify you as an existing user so that you can return or view our Services without having to re-enter your login. Once logged in, a persistent cookie remains in your browser and will be read by Lucine  when you return to one of our Sites. Session cookies exist only for the duration of the session (usually the duration of the website visit or browser session).

How to manage cookies?

You have several options for managing cookies. Any configuration that you can undertake will be likely to modify your browsing on the Internet and your conditions of access to certain services requiring the use of Cookies. You can choose at any time to express and modify your wishes in terms of cookies, by the means described below.

- Settings of your browser

For Chrome:
For Internet Explorer:
For FireFox:
For Opera:
- Opt-out links for audience measurement cookies (statistics)
For cookies placed by Google Analytics:
- Opt-out links for sharing cookies
For cookies placed by Facebook:
For cookies placed by Twitter:
For more information on cookies, you can visit the CNIL website at this address:

How to manage cookies?

You have several options for managing cookies. Any configuration that you can undertake will be likely to modify your browsing on the Internet and your conditions of access to certain services requiring the use of Cookies. You can choose at any time to express and modify your wishes in terms of cookies, by the means described below.
- Settings of your browser
For Chrome:
For Internet Explorer:
For FireFox:
For Opera:
- Opt-out links for audience measurement cookies (statistics)
For cookies placed by Google Analytics:
- Opt-out links for sharing cookies
For cookies placed by Facebook:
For cookies placed by Twitter:
For more information on cookies, you can visit the CNIL website at this address:

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