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We are Certified Qualiopi Training Action 


Qualiopi is a label guaranteeing the quality of providers of actions contributing (PAC) to the development of skills within the framework of training actions, skills assessments, actions allowing validation of acquired experience, apprenticeship training actions.

Given a heterogeneous training market; multiple indicators, procedures, quality labels, and the desire for disintermediation and individual empowerment for access to training, materialized by  the law of September 5, 2018 for the freedom to choose one's professional future  ; it was necessary to create a reliable and unique benchmark to certify the quality of the process for issuing actions contributing to skills development.

This certification aims to facilitate the choice of a training organization by individuals and companies, and drives a dynamic of continuous improvement of the processes implemented by market players. 

As of January 1, 2022, quality certification will be mandatory for all action providers contributing to the development of skills who wish to access public and shared funds.


Certification Objectives

This certification offers a unique quality delivered by independent certifiers, making it possible to call on public or pooled funds.

It certifies the quality of the process implemented by training organizations and makes the training offer clear to companies and users, by associating quality certification with a brand.


Conditions for obtaining  

The process for awarding the label is rigorous and standardized. It makes it possible to obtain certification issued by independent certifying bodies accredited by Cofrac* and recognized by France Competences on the basis of the single national reference system mentioned in  article L. 6316-3 of the labor code .

The reference system is made up of 7 criteria broken down into 32 indicators, compliance with which must be demonstrated by the training body.

Here are the 7 certification criteria for the PAC to be compliant:

- The conditions for informing the public about the services offered, the deadlines for accessing them and the results obtained;

- The precise identification of the objectives of the services offered and the adaptation of these services to the public beneficiaries, during the design of the services;

- Adaptation to the public beneficiaries of the services and the methods of reception, support, monitoring and evaluation implemented;

- The adequacy of the educational, technical and supervisory resources for the services implemented;

- The qualification and the development of the knowledge and skills of the personnel responsible for implementing the services;

- Registration and investment of the service provider in its professional environment;

- Collecting and taking into account the assessments and complaints made by the parties involved in the services provided.


Since September, ELEGIA has therefore been certified QUALIOPI training action by meeting the 7 criteria mentioned above!

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